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Sunday School

We have a Sunday School Group for you. These are for all ages each Sunday Morning at 9:15.  We have 5 coed adults groups, children, WeeOnes (preschool), and junior high and senior high school groups.  In these groups you will find people like you seeking to walk with the Lord in the joys and struggles of life. It is in groups that you really get to know one another, pray for one another, and are able to meet each other’s needs.

Try a group this Sunday! Adults are free to explore different groups until you find a home. The lessons taught in these Sunday School Groups are new each week (they do not build on each other or require any previous knowledge).  You will fit in right away.



Coming later in 2016 we will also have short-term (5-8 week) groups that will meet on Sunday evening or other times which will require working through lessons in a book that build upon one another.  We call these groups D-Fit: Making desciples, who make desciples. These are gender based, closed groups for a limited time in a committed community. Because of the nature of these groups they will be limited to a certain number of people who register and cannot be added to once they start.  Several semesters will be offered,  so there will be plenty of opportunities to join one. D-Fit groups start periodically and end when objectives are met for each step. These groups will be announced.


MeetUps are way to make friends and invites friends to enjoy Christian fellowship.  The number of these are only limited by our imagination and creativity.  Is there something you enjoy doing and would be willing to invite others to join you? Running, shopping, going to yard sales, sewing, fishing, going to a movie.  The list can go on and on.

Plan a MeetUp yourself. Our staff can help you promote it and what things to include in your MeetUp.

Join one that you see advertised.

These are great way to include people who may not be involved in church anywhere.  They can make friends with your church friends and explore Christian community even before coming to a worship service.

Current MeetUps list:

Invite friends. Make friends. Be a friend 

Sunday School Adults MeetUps

Morning Walking Club

3 Mile Walk or Run

6 Mile Run

Wisdom Circle (senior adult ministry group)

GirlFriends in God

Astronomy Club

 Invite friends. Make friends. Be a friend 


FirstKids Sunday School / FirstKids Church Team leader-

Olympians  Team leaders- Renee Carden and Amanda Lewis

Praise Team and Choir Team leader-Pastor Mark Dowdy

WeeOnes Preschool Team leader-

Bus Team Team leader- Jim Rogers

First Impressions Greeter Team leader- Pastor Randall Reed

Sound and Media Team leader-Pastor Mark Dowdy